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Getanact.com has been designed to benefit Acts/Agents/Venues and bookers
Benefits to the artist
 Show your contact details
Online date sheet
Overseas summer seasons
upload a high resolution publicity photograph ready for venues to download and use
Upload video's
Upload audio
Sell your merchandise
Benefits to Venues/Agents & Bookers
 Get contact details of Acts in your area
Check new and existing Acts availabilty via Acts datesheet
download an Acts high resolution publicity photograph
View great NEW Acts willing to perform in your area
View a potential Acts video or listen to their audio
 Benefits of the venue account
Be able to view your favourite Acts datesheets 24/7 365 days a year
Save all your favourite trusted Acts profiles in one place
manage your current Acts datesheets in one place 
Able to search for and Acts availabilty on a specific date, by searching just your chosen favourite Acts profiles
Email ALL your favourite Acts in seconds

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